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Our Events

Please Read:

You're responsible for your own safety and property. Please be sure to read the ride restrictions before riding with us (our events page on facebook)

All members of the club are not liable for you or your possesions or any circumstances that may arise from you joining, riding or not riding with us.

Turning up for any event is acceptance of these conditions.

You join us voluntarily and on your own judgement and are responsible for yourself.

Thank you for your understanding and ride safe!


'Constant' Rides

Everyweek on tuesday at the Bradford Bulls stadium we have traffic free cycling open to all. 6PM-8PM.

Adults £1.50, under 18's free.

We also have bikes available for people to borrow for the session.

Adult admission £3.95
Adult with Bradford Leisure Card £2.45

Aim to improve group riding skills, using the experience gained by other riders. Fitness, Endurance, Technique and Strength

Long Term Rides

'Further in The Furture' Rides